Saturday, February 5, 2011

today sucked.

my morning starts off with me getting stuck in the basement of the apartment building i live in, which made me a little late for work.
soon after i get to work to hear this one co worker said a bunch of dumb stuff, which seems like its been happening alot lately (people saying dumb stuff).
my boss calls me in to tell me im getting a promotion, awesome right?! well a half hour some stuff happened with this one guy in the office whose place i was gonna take, and guess what? im not getting that promotion now.
cause of stupid football it was really busy, all day. which is always kind of annoying.

within 30 mins, i found so much hope and something to be pumped on, and it was smashed in a second. this past month and 4 have been pretty rough. this is all just a bunch of whining and woe is me shit i know, but at the moment, i felt like i was part of some big joke. like god,universe, whatever you want to call it , got bored, and need a good prank to keep him occupied. i think im a good guy, i try my best, i just want to not feel like shit for a day.

end lame teenage rant

i just want a vacation

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