Sunday, October 10, 2010

this weekend was good.


these are my best friends

i have a notebook. i write down phrases, words, word combinations, anything to make myself laugh. sometimes ill write just certain words in cursive cause i think its funny to see them written fancy. i draw pictures to for the same reason. i think it would be fun to scan the pages and send them to my friends, i would post it on here but some of it is kinda offensive or could be taken the wrong way so its prob in my best interest not to. this weekend i think ill scan and send them out via email.


found a journal i kept from around oct early nov before my birthday, before everything got awesome.

10/30/09 3:21

"i have a hemroid
as if life couldnt be worse
i cant even enjoy
sitting down these days"


i took a lunch break
just to come home
drink a beer
and write a terrible poem about it

i dont think it costs any tokens
to let the septa buss
run you over"


its funny for me to read this stuff now, just cause im not miserable. everyday im fuckin pumped to wake up and be where i am. but as jay said the other night, the past got me to the present.


i kinda want to record a bunch of covers

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