Friday, October 22, 2010

my favorite band, pavement.

its hard for me to explain why i love this band as much as i do without sound corning. at the time my dad was living with his than girlfriend dawn in spring city, pa( 2002ish i was in 7th grade i think ). i read a sonic youth interview where they talked about how awesome pavement was and decided i should give it a listen. i remember my dad and i drove to the local barnes and noble where i picked up the reissue of slanted and enchanted. i got back to his place, sat on the couch, popped disc one in my cd player, and put the headphones on. i remember being fucking floored, i just sat there and listened to it start to finish. i remember thinking, this is how much should sound, this how i always thought music should sound. i remember when i went downstairs to sleep on the couch, i put the cd on again and just went to sleep with the headphones on wearing a big smile. the music was so lazy and catchy, the lyrics seemed like they were about everything and nothing, it was just cool. it was the first time since i heard sonic youths day dream nation two years prior where it really struck a nerve with me. it made me want to pick up a guitar and make songs. i can still put on any pavement album and just smile and sing. that fucking band makes me forget any problems and just enjoy myself, even if just for 3 minutes. one time jay asked me in a car ride from the race track what inspires the music i make, i guess thats what inspired this post.

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