Friday, October 22, 2010

my favorite band, pavement.

its hard for me to explain why i love this band as much as i do without sound corning. at the time my dad was living with his than girlfriend dawn in spring city, pa( 2002ish i was in 7th grade i think ). i read a sonic youth interview where they talked about how awesome pavement was and decided i should give it a listen. i remember my dad and i drove to the local barnes and noble where i picked up the reissue of slanted and enchanted. i got back to his place, sat on the couch, popped disc one in my cd player, and put the headphones on. i remember being fucking floored, i just sat there and listened to it start to finish. i remember thinking, this is how much should sound, this how i always thought music should sound. i remember when i went downstairs to sleep on the couch, i put the cd on again and just went to sleep with the headphones on wearing a big smile. the music was so lazy and catchy, the lyrics seemed like they were about everything and nothing, it was just cool. it was the first time since i heard sonic youths day dream nation two years prior where it really struck a nerve with me. it made me want to pick up a guitar and make songs. i can still put on any pavement album and just smile and sing. that fucking band makes me forget any problems and just enjoy myself, even if just for 3 minutes. one time jay asked me in a car ride from the race track what inspires the music i make, i guess thats what inspired this post.

Silver Jews "I'm Getting Back Into Getting Back Into You"

i love this music video. david berman has penned some of my favorite lyrics, i love his books too. his lyrics kind of mean nothing and everything at the same time.

"ive been working at the airport bar, its like christmas in a submarine"

i cant even begin to explain why that line makes sense , it just does, i feel like i know what hes trying to get at.

Distophia - "Robert Redford"

this song is really righteous too

in gradeschool i was a nerd and used to post on the sonic youth message board before it got really lame. i was the youngest person to join the board at the time, i remember thinking that was cool. anyway i used to talk to this dude who played bass in the band distophia, they were a pavement rip off from europe. they had some catchy songs, i remember we talked on AIM about the filming of this video. anyway this song is pretty cool, i wonder what he is up to nowadays.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

memos in my phone. theres this app that is on my phone that lets you write little memos or note or whatever. heres the ones i have on my phone


"Men in black"

Me, mickey, and johnathon dancing to men in black in the woods. i think 2nd grade

sean telling me a ghost train ran through his body in those same roads, i think i believed him.


"show for lou maybe"


i wonder how this night will turn out


drunk staggerin down the street

"im a zombi...*puke*...eeeee guhh brains uhhhh.....*hunches over pukes*

story about talking with gay dudes. they thought i was really cool cause i had no problem with gay people, got too drunk and started saying how i thought faggot was a fun word to say.
illustrate this with some kind of montage with beer can opening than some statement coming from me. with each new beer can opening shit the following statement becomes more and more awkward and dumb.



little kid playing with a robot made of cardboard rolls from toilet paper. long hair, lips, and eyes drawn on the head.

teenager reading a comic about robot girls

college kid studying engineering

older mid 20s guy making robot

30 year old fucking said robot

40 year old just laying in bed with robot
this song is called time cop. its by a band called iron chic. the lyrics rule hard and hit so close to home.

remember when time was all we had?
no care for the sand in the hourglass
each new night was another shot
to stake our claim on a parking lot
remember when friends we're all we'd need?
day followed the night and we'd let it lead
in the basement
on the pavement
we couldn't conceive of an end to it
but it's not like that anymore
re-group, re-calculate
rushing in was our first mistake
re-think, re-calibrate
set our sights on something bigger
(maybe move on to better things)
remember the pain of growing up?
it may have hurt but it sure was fun
it made us who we are now
it gave us a mystery to figure out
this is what we waited for
these days not much has changed
except how we feel and whats at stake
but we are still the same
should we chose to linger
or move on to better things
I Always Never Said That
i have a notebook. i write down words and phrases that make me laugh, pictures for the same reason, or sometimes i just figure out how the fuck im going to pay all the bills.










Sunday, October 10, 2010

this weekend was good.


these are my best friends

i have a notebook. i write down phrases, words, word combinations, anything to make myself laugh. sometimes ill write just certain words in cursive cause i think its funny to see them written fancy. i draw pictures to for the same reason. i think it would be fun to scan the pages and send them to my friends, i would post it on here but some of it is kinda offensive or could be taken the wrong way so its prob in my best interest not to. this weekend i think ill scan and send them out via email.


found a journal i kept from around oct early nov before my birthday, before everything got awesome.

10/30/09 3:21

"i have a hemroid
as if life couldnt be worse
i cant even enjoy
sitting down these days"


i took a lunch break
just to come home
drink a beer
and write a terrible poem about it

i dont think it costs any tokens
to let the septa buss
run you over"


its funny for me to read this stuff now, just cause im not miserable. everyday im fuckin pumped to wake up and be where i am. but as jay said the other night, the past got me to the present.


i kinda want to record a bunch of covers