Friday, July 10, 2009

Dear friend,

Hey man, been forever broseph! I'm not sure why this all has bugged me so much, but I remember hanging and bike rides and liking music that kinda sounded like enya with a distortion pedal on it. yup , fun times. and ive been told i shouldnt care, and its no biggie, and like i say people come as easily as they go, but for whatever reason it just bugs me. im not sure why we dont talk, prob over some gay shit, or maybe i voiced my opinion too loudly, who knows? you used to ask for my advice here and there, now you dont even ask whats up. anyway, im sure your smart, and im sure you can figure out if this is about you (nope your not vain).


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  1. Dear Seamus,

    It feels like it has been forever. I remember the late night bike rides, all the smiles of simpler times. Then, failure struck like lighting out of hell around me. Its no secret I wear my heart on my sleeve, and that in tight circles of friends you can see right through to the real fabrics of someone. Tough times came a knocking, kicked the door right in. Just needed to lay low a while, find my own ways back home..didn't wanna do the whole hopeless, heartached, burden of a broke down friend thing. Hope this makes sense, Just needed to lay low a while. Thanks for the nice words, the sad part is im not really that smart, just confident enough to wear all my emotions on the outside to the world for the last 25 years, but just needed some months to keep some to myself. Hope this finds you well, and I still play the ride nowhere record daily and think oasis is one of the top 5 best records made in my lifetime.

    completely sincerely,